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This software gives clients 24/7 access to their client files online. We offer a secure web-based client portal, that allows members of our firm to easily share resources and collaborate with our clients or contacts on a secure web-based portal.  This integration with the firms client portal allows us to easily and securely share documents, relevant matters, bills, and messages with clients.

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Words From Our Clients

“I highly recommend this firm, someone used my identity in North Carolina 20yrs ago and I only discovered this because I was unable to take the CDL course here in Michigan due to a traffic violation in NC. I needed this handled fast because I’ve paid 4K to take the CDL trading course and I will not get a refund. I called Cotton Law Firm and they took care of my issue for a reasonable price and I never had to leave Michigan. Cotton Law Firm literally saved me thousands and I thank God I chose them.”

“Cotton Law Firm is the best law firm in Fayetteville, North Carolina and I promise they will help you throughout the entire process of dealing with your case. I’ve spoken to other law firms before hiring Cotton Law Firm and they all told me the same thing but after speaking with the attorneys from Cotton Law Firm I knew that I could trust them with producing the best possible result for my court case. I am beyond grateful of the outcome of my court case and now I can move on from this learning experience by focusing on my future. Don’t waste your time talking to other lawyers, if you best go to Cotton Law Firm!”

“I had a speeding ticket in in Sampson County that turned into a failure to appear. I live in Burlington, NC about 2 hours away so I called Cotton Law firm. I called on Thursday for a quote and was surprised at the cost of less than $300. So I paid that day he went to court the next day on Friday and had the ticket reduced to improper equipment. Definitely would recommend they are fast and low cost.”

First of all, finding a good law firm is difficult. Most law firms are in it for the money but Cotton Law is top notch! I’m grateful for them representing me! Thank you so much for your help and continue the good work!! They go above and beyond to get you right. If you’re looking for a professional and decently priced law firm, go with Cotton Law Firm


Cotton Law Firm prevailed in a case that I had for over 20 years unbeknownst to me. They have gotten my case immediately handled in my favor so that I do not have to leave my duty station to return to NC. With so much on my plate as many others have, it was worth the money for the Cotton Law firm to handle my case. I am extremely appreciative of letting the Cotton Law Firm handled my case.


Couldn’t be more greatfull to attorney cotton and her team. Phenomenal work, always on time, excellent communication and well worth the money. If I ever have traffic concerns I will be going through Cotton Law Firm. Highly recommend!


“I appreciate Attorney O’tuel and everything that she did to help me get my disability. She is so personable and helped ease any worries I had. I think she was as happy as I was. Definitely recommend The Cotton Law Firm for any of your attorney needs 😊”


“Cotton Law Firm has a great team providing good services that helped me get my case dismissed! very professional and recommend.”


“Cotton Law Firm has the nicest, most courteous, efficient and professional employees. Thank you Attorney Cotton (and team) for everything.”



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